Our family started breeding 20 years ago.  We started so that our daughters could see the miracle of birth first hand.  We have allergies in our family so we have always had hypoallergenic (low or non-shedding animals.)  Our dogs are part of our family and they live with us and give birth in our bedroom, not in kennels.  We are hobby breeders and we love our Havanese mama who produces amazing Havapoo (Havanoodle or Poovanese) puppies.  I have researched to see what type of new family member would fit best with our family and decided on a Bernedoodle.  I had been searching for the right Bernedoodle girl.  In 2022,  Brew house in Arkansas provided our gorgeous, goofy, totally lovable  Bailey. She is an F1 mini/moyen Bernedoodle.  She is the sweetest thing, laid back and 100% lap dog!  She has entered our breeding program and we welcomed our first litter of Swiss Doodles/ Australian Mountain Doodles (AMD). We are so excited and are striving to continue to produce the highest quality family pet, optimum health, personality, intelligent and beautiful!  We continue to strive to produce low to non shedding animals that can allow families with allergies to have pets in their home!  We have one of Luna's current puppies slated to start training as a medical alert therapy dog.  We produce only a few well planned litters a year and usually have a wait list, but our sweet babies are worth the wait.